Happy 2018!!! I hope that your 2018 is off to an amazing start and that you had a great holiday season. This year the holidays seemed like they flew by…I blinked and December was over and so was 2017. Where did the time go? I honestly wasn’t ready for 2018 to begin, but since it’s here already, I’m ready to start it with a fresh perspective and motivated!

I saw somewhere on social media (I can’t remember where) someone saying why don’t we make intentions vs. resolutions?

I like the idea of New Years intentions vs. New Years Resolutions. What's the difference?

  • Intention (noun): a thing intended; a plan.

  • Resolution (noun): a firm decision to do or not to do something.

It seems like making intentions is much more manageable, as goals and plans can change in an instant and if you fall of the wagon, it is easier to give yourself a break and not be disappointed in yourself…don’t you agree?

This year I changed things up a bit. I always feel overwhelmed and pressured to start my New Years resolutions, I mean intentions, on the 1st. For the first time ever, I decided that the first week of January is to get back into the swing of things, to not rush to get started on everything on the 1st. I'm so glad I changed this up this year, because I was sick in bed with the flu on New Years eve and New Years day. I would have fallen off the wagon before the year even started. LOL!

For 2018, I set personal and professional goals/intentions:


  • Date Night with my hubby once a week (majority of our dates will be at home since we have little ones, but that's ok). We will plan one date out once a month. It is so easy to get caught up in daily life of work and taking care of little ones that sometimes you lose track of each other.

  • Health:

  • Start a workout program and routine that is doable and where I won't find myself wanting to give up after only a few weeks.

  • Lose 30-40 pounds (get in shape and back to goal weight/pre-baby weight)

  • Sweet tea or coke only on weekends

  • Drink half my body weight in ounces of water each day

  • Drink only 1-2 cups of coffee a day

  • Eat clean during the week (maybe a little splurge of chocolate after dinner) and enjoy myself on the weekends

  • Attempt to start the habit of waking up and working out each morning before the babies wake up. This is so hard for me to do, because I really LOVE sleep!

  • Be more present and find the balance between home and work.


  • I usually answer emails and work when the kids are occupied, taking naps, or after they are in bed, but that honestly isn't enough time. I don't want to take away time with them and take away time with my husband at night...it is so hard to fine the balance. I am going to (attempt) to wake up earlier to try and get it all done so that I can be there in the moment with my babies and husband.

  • Continue to grow and expand Mommy of Minis! I’ve created a vision board and am striving to make 2018 the best year yet! We have so many exciting things in store for you this year!!

I am so excited for 2018 and so excited to start my New Years Intentions (started today). I wish you a great 2018! Cheers!

I would so love to hear some of your goals and intentions for the new year. I always find it so inspiring and motivating to hear what other people are striving and working towards. You can leave comments on the blog or on social media.

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