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Mommy of Minis LOVES Sandi Ethridge with DotDotSmile and we appreciate her being a sponsor! 

If you spend any time on Facebook, you might have noticed that DotDotSmile (DDS) is starting to take over!  

If you are a fan of LuLaRoe, then you'll be a fan...

‘What shall we do?’ I ask my husband, while we are driving on a small loop that will lead us past desolate farms, meadows and a curvy side of the river. It always has been our favorite road to drive when we wanted to escape the bustling city life.  A little piece of na...

I have always loved to clean and organize…I appreciate my home more when it is spick and span.  Before my little ones, I could clean my entire house in just a few hours. Now days…it takes a bit longer because, I clean and then my little tornadoes come right through and...

Hey Friends! Yesterday kicked of our last week on the 30-Day Get Healthy Challenge.  How is everyone doing?   Are y'all seeing results? I am down five pounds.  I was trulyfully hoping for more, but I'll take the five pounds loss.  This challenge has been extremely diff...

You realize your little one needs to be changed…he just had a major blow out.   It is EVERYWHERE…all over him, all over you and now all over the changing pad cover.  You open the drawer to get out the wipes and diapers and….NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  You are OUT!  I repeat ag...

We are HALFWAY through the #MOMHEALTHYCHALLENGE!  I have to admit, last week was really hard for me and I didn't work out every day. It was the first time in this challenge that I thought maybe I should just give up and I can't do this...this is too much. I let the sel...

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, my little boy is sick.  #MOMLIFE! 

I know it isn't huge but I'm done two pounds, so I'm excited about that.  How is everyone doing? Leave comments below, check in on instagram or feel free to email me....

I'm not a huge fan of drinking only water (I love my sweet tea), but after learning about infusing water with fruit that helps detox your body and help burn fat, I decided it was time to start drinking more water.  I've been drinking infused water on and off for...

I’m super pumped about starting the 30-Day Get Healthy Challenge tomorrow!   

Will you be joining the challenge? 

Before we get into the details, I have to say, check with your doctor before starting a new health and fitness program.  I have no specia...

I’m super pumped about starting the 30-Day Get Healthy Challenge on Monday.  I have been feeling

icky for a while now and finally I'm motivated to make the change to lose some weight and to get healthy.  You really have be ready physically and mentally in ord...

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