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April 5, 2018


Are your kids glued to the tablet?  Do you hear the theme song of Doc McStuffins running through your head all day long? You’re not the only one! I get it. I have an almost 5-year-old, Kyla, and a 22-month-old, Lacey. It’s hard to keep kids entertained all day every day! Moms are required to wear multiple hats, and frankly, it’s flat out exhausting sometimes!


My husband and I bought GYMGUYZ, which is an in home personal training franchise that services Roswell and Alpharetta. Our nationally certified personal trainers literally bring the gym to you! We bought the business because we LOVE our North Fulton community and want to help folks of all ages through health and fitness! We know how important convenience is when it comes to exercise with everyone’s busy lives!


We receive calls frequently from parents who have asked us to help their child or teen become less sedentary. Some of these kids are bullied because of their weight while other kids just need to be stimulated with something other than the tablet.  Our group family training option is a fantastic fit for a lot of families since the parents instill excellent habits of exercising at a young age! They are the role models for their kids!



Here are a few exercises you can incorporate into your daily routine at home between naps and piano lessons with your child:


#1. Basic Squat – Perform this one as you would a typical squat (like sitting in chair). Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip distance apart. Hold your child snug against your body and sit back by bending your knees and hinging forward from your hips until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor. Reverse the motion and return to stand. Kids love the up and down motion. Throw in some sound effects and you'll both be giggling your way through the set. Shoot for 2 sets of 12-16 depending on how heavy your kid is. No kids, no problem…Just use a set of 5-8 pound dumbbells.

#2. Overhead Press – This one is a great shoulder sculptor. Start by holding your child at chest height. Tighten your abdominals by pulling your bellybutton towards your spine. Simply lift and lower your baby or toddler. Lift up only as high as you feel comfortable. Again, try for 2 sets of 12-16. You can also use a set of 3-5-8 pound dumbbells.

#3. Bridge – Lie on your back with knees bent. Let your child sit on your lower belly while you hold his or her hands or trunk. Draw your belly button into your spine to contract your abdominals. Lift your hips and buttocks off the floor. Lower and repeat. With the added weight of your child, your buns will be burning! 2 sets of 12-16   


#4. Lunge – Stand with feet shoulder distance apart. Keep your abdominals drawn in and trunk erect throughout the exercise. Hold your child with both arms. Advance your right leg forward, bending the right knee while lowering your left knee towards the floor. Modify the depth as needed so you maintain balance. Pause and return to start position. 2 sets of 12-16 on each side. Again, you can use a set of 5-8 pound dumbbells in place of your child.

#5. Push Up: Start on hands and knees in all-fours position. Child is face up watching you. Extend your legs behind you and reposition hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Contract your abdominals.


Perform your push up by bending your elbows until you reach your child’s face; give a smooch and push back up to start position. Modify the push up if needed by allowing your knees to remain on the floor throughout the exercise. Goofy faces make this a fun one. 2 sets of 12-16.


Note: These mom/child exercise modifications are designed to be fun and effective! Keep yourself and your child safe by using caution and common sense. Make sure you do each exercise first without your child to be sure you can do it safely. Be sure to have your doctor’s approval before you start this or any other exercise program. Also, make sure to warm up and cool down for at least 5 minutes.


About Cara, Owner of GYMGUYZ Roswell/Alpharetta:


I’m Cara Stathas. I’m a mother of two beautiful girls, Lacey and Kyla. I’m passionate about helping people and being a positive role model for my kids. Health and fitness are important to me, and I look forward to sharing some tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way here on Mommy of Minis. 



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