Officially Summer 2018!

June 19, 2018

This Thursday, June 21st, officially is the start to summer!  Who's ready? 


My kiddos aren’t in school yet, but I wanted to share our daily schedule that you can also use as your summer schedule for those whose kids are home for the summer.  I hope this will keep you and you kiddos busy and you’ll hopefully never hear those words “I’m bored!”


Lazy Mondays:

Mondays are our days to be lazy, wear our pj’s and hang out around the house.  This is my day to catch up on laundry, clean the house, and do whatever I need to do to get a good start on the week.  To keep my little ones busy and occupied, we usually have movie marathons, read books, put together puzzles, and of course they have plenty of toys to play with.


Trip Tuesdays:

Tuesdays mornings (before lunch and nap time) are dedicated to the playground, play dates, running errands and since it’s summer, the pool.  This would also be a great day to visit the zoo or a museum or have a picnic at the park.


Water Wednesdays:

Wednesdays are a great day for the pool, splash pad, sprinklers, and water table on the patio/deck.  In case of rain, pretend the bathtub is a pool (NEVER LEAVE YOUR KIDS UNATTENDED IN THE WATER), go to an indoor pool, get a big bowl of water and fish or  put on your rain boots and rain jacket and go play in the rain.


Try A Craft/Taste Something Thursdays:

My toddler is really showing interest in helping us cook, so this is our day to try a new recipe or make a delicious dessert. This is also a great day to bring out the play doh, finger paint, color or make a new craft.


Fabulous Funday Fridays:

Do something fun!  Anything!




Here is a summer fun schedule. Enjoy!





Did your kids say I’m bored? Oh NO! Here is a list of things they can do:

  1. Write a letter

  2. Start a scrapbook

  3. Play outside (flash light tag in the evening was a favorite of mine as a kid)

  4. Build something

  5. Do a chore

  6. Read a book

  7. Craft

  8. Volunteer

  9. Play a game or create your own game.

Hope you have an enjoyable summer!  If you would like to share your ideas to keeping busy during the summer?





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