Stocked Changing Station

July 25, 2018

You realize your little one needs to be changed…he just had a major blow out.   It is EVERYWHERE…all over him, all over you and now all over the changing pad cover.  You open the drawer to get out the wipes and diapers and….NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  You are OUT!  I repeat again....NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

This happened to me early on with my little man and I quickly realized I always needed to make sure the changing station upstairs and downstairs were fully stocked.


The changing station setup is just as important as having everything close and readily accessible.  When we were setting up our little mans nursery, we decided we wanted a dresser as his changing table.  I kept everything that I needed for diaper changes in the top drawer.  The best part was everything was put away and out of sight…just the way I like it (less cluttered).  We have the same setup downstairs, which is great so we don’t have to constantly go upstairs to change little man.



The diaper changing station essentials:

  1. Changing Pad and Cover – In my opinion, having a changing pad is a must have!  It is so helpful for keeping a squirmy baby to a mobile toddler properly in front of you so that you can actually change their diaper.  I tried a few times to change my little one on the floor and it just didn’t work.  Once he was mobile, he would immediately roll over or stand up before I could even get his diaper on. The changing pad cover is optional, but having a cover makes your changing station look put together.  If you opt for a cover, make sure to have 1-2 extras.  There will be several accidents while changing and you'll always want to put a fresh one on after the messy change.  

  2. Diapers – That’s a no brainer. Definitely have a stash of diapers within reach.  If you are using disposable diapers like we did, take them out of the packaging and stack them neatly that way you aren’t trying to open the packaging while your little one is squirming around on the changing table.

  3. Wipes – Another obvious diaper station essential. We have a box of wipes and wipe refills (which we buy in bulk). I always have 1-2 extra refill packs in the drawer.

  4. Diaper Creams – From time to time our little guy got a diaper rash, so we always had diaper cream easily accessible.  Our favorite with both of our kids is Desitin.  It has the highest zinc oxide, which our pediatrician said would be the best and works fast to clear it up.

  5. Diaper Pail/Trash Can –   I LOVE my Diaper Dekor. It is super easy to open the lid with my foot and I can toss the dirty diaper in the pail without having an issues or it getting on me. We don’t have any issues with the smell either, which is always a bonus!

  6. Hand Sanitizer – Get a huge bottle with a pump if you can. You’ll want to get pretty clean after cleaning up that mess and you don’t really have a chance to run and wash your hands when your little one is still on the changing table.  After you get them changed and settled, then run to the bathroom to wash up. ***Tip: Keep the sanitizer out of reach of your little one — it contains alcohol.

  7. Pacifiers/Toys/Books – Get ready for the moment when your little one doesn’t want to be changed.  Having a distraction like a paci or a toy can really help.  I highly recommend the items you have at the changing station remain at the changing station.  Only bring them out during changes, that way it keeps your little ones attention a bit longer.  If they are familiar with the toys/books/etc., they won't be super interested in them and it will make it a lot harder to change.  

Happy Changing! 


XO, Liz 


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